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Apart from learning about wines, tasting regional products from local farms is an important part of oenotourism. Wine is a perfect companion to good food, which is why our wine tasting sessions come with food. When getting to know a region, you get to know its history, its flavours and the people who live its traditions.


The Lubuskie region, and especially the area around Zielona Góra, is rich in winemaking history and tourist attractions. In Zielona Góra, the Lubuskie Wine and Honey Trail has been created. It is a trail that connects places related to wine and honey making, located mainly in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. One of the main attractions of the trail is the opportunity to taste various flavours. It is worth mentioning that the trail, apart from being a feast for the taste buds, is also a feast for the eyes, as it runs along the picturesque hills of the Zielona Góra Embankment, through the Oder River Valley, as well as through forest areas and the land of post-glacial lakes.


For us, oenotourism is really about long conversations with hosts, picturesque landscapes, local products and flavours of the region, historic places and unforgettable memories. Oenotourism can be categorised as leisure tourism and, thanks to the idyllic location of the vineyards, even as agritourism. It is a unique leisure idea that allows you to discover not only the history of the region, but also the methods of winemaking, their types and characteristics. During such a journey, you can taste many wines, choose your favourite grape variety and type of wine.

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Start your journey at Winny Dworek!
We can offer assistance to anyone who wants to start their oenotourism adventure and arrange for their journey. We believe that our region is so rich in charming areas, with lots of interesting people and stories, that everyone should get to know it.


We will be happy to advise you on which points of interest are worth a visit and where to stay for longer. Winny Dworek is also a hotel and restaurant, so you can stay with us and then continue your journey the next day. You can add more attractions to your journey, such as a barge cruise on the Oder, combined with a wine tasting session. The Oder's varied coastline and the beautiful nature that surrounds its valley make barge cruises the perfect way to spend leisure time with your loved ones. Immerse yourself in oenotourism.